Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Prayer by Mawlana Faizani

O' Bestower, Sovereign and Holy!

O' Great, Merciful and Generous God, That the hearts of people are between The two fingers of Your Being; Turn all these hearts (of us, companions, supporters, friends, all who Submit to Your Divine Will and all children of Man of our time) as far as You will, towards Yourself, for practicing Your commands, leaving the forbidden, and knowing Your Unique Being, for the sake of Your names preserved Hidden, Great, Exalted and Greatest of Great.

We are defeated (to our nafs, to our ego), give us victory For the sake of Your Honor and Glory; O' The Most Pure and Holy; Hurry for its acceptance, O' The Fulfiller of all Needs.

- Mawlana Faizani

:: Credit| May God bless the soul of Mawlana Faizani and multiple his good deeds.

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