Thursday, November 16, 2006

On this day, I was given the grace

God has made us infinite, such is His pleasure.
- Tagore

On this day, 16th of November, i was given the grace to be born; All praise and all credit be to the Giver of Grace. i was given the honor to be made manifest from the realm of invisible to the realm of visible. on this day God in His infinite pleasure gave me this unimaginable grace of experiencing life, to breath for the first time, to cry for the first time, to experience seeing light for the first time.

He gave the unparallel and extra-ordinary opportunity to participate in this unthinkable and mind-boggling mystery, the ever unfolding drama we call life. He presented the gift of a loving mother, who's love is unique in the entire cosmos, and to be nourished with mother's milk which can only metaphysically understood as how we are nourished all our life by God's grace.

and God makes me absolutely fool whenever i think how to thank Him. never can i, never could i. Yet on this day, i again gather my gratefulness once again and bow to His Majesty for giving this extra-ordinary ticket to life. accept my thank O the King of King! for allowing this ungrateful fellow to Your court of inifinte wonder. when will i learn how to be grateful? your servant wish to tell you, he is satisfied with whatever You Will; because You are the Source of Grace and You are the Infinite Love. what else Your servant could ever ask and wish for?

On this day O Beloved, let my prayers be one. Love us ever and give us the ability to love You as You Will. Love us ever as you loved us when you created all souls, all our being and kept us in Your Divine proximity and with your Loving glace, glanced upon us. i pray that bless us with that Divine Glance, which carries Your tender Love, in our life here and next. Amen.

My dear friend Colette with Rumi sent me this beautiful poem few days back for my birthday. Let me share this with you:

You that come to birth
and bring the Mysteries
Your voice thunder
makes us
very happy.
Roar, Lion of the Heart,
and tear me open!

with ceaseless love and calling for Divine Blessings upon you all.
- your unworthy friend,

Picture: yes thats me in the background! and my dear little sister sitting in front.

Gift: Here is a little gift for you. full length mp3 of a music, my very favorite one. its played by Anoushka Shankar. Pls pray and keep me in your remembrance when you listen to this blissful music.
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