Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beit Hanoun Massacre | When everything else seems utterly non-sense

This is depressing! but i can't help but to post about it. On November 8, Israeli tank shells killed at least 18 people in their sleep. 8 children are said to be among the dead. Of the 18 killed, 13 were from the same family and over 40 more were wounded in a residential attack on Beit Hanoun. According to witnesses at the scene all of the dead are women and children.

i write and blog mostly on spirituality, on issues that inspire the inner self, that nourish the soul. but for who? the earth is bleeding all the time and so often the shadow and darkness of the reality is so grim, it over-power everything else. i was shocked to my core when i was browsing few of the blogs with details report from Beit Hanoun Massacre in Palestine by Israel. Sabbah's blog has details follow up of the incidents. also here is a youtube video about the massacre.

we live in a world of hypocracy all around. we kill children, women, paralyzed old people and cover our hand with blood and again go to the synagogue on Saturdays to pray. how arrogant and naive we human beings have become! we order shells and bombs to be sent to kill civilian sleeping at night and on sunday go to church with suit and shiny shoes. Somebody you know is keep saying NO to peace.

Terrorist country like Israel killing days and night innocent civilians, children, pregnant woman, old people indiscrimantly and USA is supporting nakedly and excercizings its right to veto in UN against any kind of action, even condemning the inhumane action. Watch the video and decide for yourself who is the real terrorist in the world. yes, you need to know, because you deserve to know.

Haitham Sabbah reports in his site about this latest massacre by Israeli teorrist army attack on sleeping women and innocent children (warning there are graphic images which might be disturbing for your cozy and too comfortable life-style). But no denying, this is the reality.

i am totally disturbed, ashamed and feeling helpless (hopeless at the same time). Against such inhumane behaviour, everything else seems so non-sense! pls pray and take action, no matter how small you can do on your part, so that all useless wars and conflicts come to an end.
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