Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jewish Meditations

One of the most beautiful things about spirituality and specially mysticism is that it tanscends the boundaries of faith and 'so called distinctions'. A Zen master or Sufi Master or a Kabbalist or a Benedict Monk or a Yogi doesn't need any arguments on any matter, simply because deep within their heart, they already know that they are all immersed in the same Reality. They already know that a Jewish Kabbalistic spiritual practice or a Sufi Quranic meditational practice is nothing but the same pathway to the One, to the Divine.

Praise be to God, i was guided to this Jewish meditation website where i found few beautiful Jewish meditation audio or guiding words, accompanied with beautiful music - which are truly amazing. Each meditation audio is about 6 to 10 minutes. i hope & pray they illuminate your heart from within.

Meditation on Divine Space: The Meditation Cube is a model for mentally orienting oneself within a space whose parameters are defined by the six commandments that continuously govern our relationship to God.

Into our own Divine space that we have now constructed around ourselves, our own personal messianic spark will reveal itself. May we be inspired to redeem ourselves, with God's help, from our own state of exile, and to redeem all of the world around us. :: Play the Audio

View the cube and its description here. i love this one!

Meditation and Breathing Joy: With every breath, I feel Your presence. With every breath I express my infinite gratitude to You and Your gift of life.

To experience life is to experience joy. This is the joy of feeling my Creator blowing into my nostrils the breath of life. For this I praise Him with every breath, Halleluyah! the music here is full of joy! :: Play the Audio

Meditation on Love: Love is the Divine power of creation. Feel one with God the Creator and with all if His creation. This audio guides you to focus on arousing the power of love in our souls. Love is feeling the essence of oneness with one's beloved. :: Play the Audio

Meditation and Prayer: A Morning Meditative Prayer of Thanks to God: Modeh Ani--"I Thank You!". Every night before sleep, we give our tired and worn-out souls back to God. Every morning, we receive our souls anew, refreshed and full of energy. :: Play the Audio

Meditation on Motion: The Soul of Man is the Candle of God. The living soul of man, the candle of God, sways back and forth, always aspiring to return to its Divine source, the infinite light of God.

The soul's natural phenomenon of swaying, like a living candle, reaches its peak when we learn God's Words and pray to Him from the depth of our hearts. :: Play the Audio

Meditation on God's Name: God's Essential Name--the Four-Letter Name--Havayah. :: Play the Audio

The above meditations are available in written form in "Living in Divine Space," a 288 hard cover book on Kabbalah and Meditation by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. Know about the book here. Also read Topics in Jewish Mystical Thoughts.

Credit: The Inner Dimensions - Authentic Jewish Mysticism
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