Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eid Mubarak | Greetings of Festival

I wish you a very happy Eid!!! In my part of the world we greet by saying Eid Mubarak, meaning Blessed be the Festival or simply, Happy Festival. By God's grace, after one full month of fasting from dawn to dusk we have reached this station. Indeed the festive mood is everywhere.

About Eid ul Fitr
Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid, popularly known as the "Festival of the Breaking of the Fast", occurs as soon as the new moon is sighted at the end of the month of fasting, namely Ramadan. The festival is intended to be a festive and joyous occasion. (Eid simply means festival, Fitr is breaking the fast)

This festival celebrates the end of Ramadaz (or Ramzan), the Muslim month of fasting. It is an occasion of feasting and rejoicing. The first Eid was celebrated in 624 CE by the Prophet Muhammad with his companions and relatives over the completion a month of fasting.

Significance Of Eid-ul Fitr
Eid is a Thanksgiving Day : Muslims assemble in a brotherly and joyful atmosphere to offer their gratitude to God for helping them to fulfil their spiritual obligations like fasting and alms giving to poors - prior to the Eid.

Eid is a Day of Remembrance : The Muslims pray to God and glorify His name to demonstrate their remembrance of His favors.

Eid is a Day of Victory : The devotee who succeeds in attaining his spiritual rights and growth receives the Eid with a victorious spirit.

Eid is a Day of Harvest : God gives infinitely to those who are sincerely concerned with the general welfare of their fellow believers.

Eid is a Day of Forgiveness : When Muslims assemble in the congregation of the Day, they whole-heartedly pray for forgiveness and strength in faith. And God has assured those who approach Him with sincerity of His mercy and forgiveness.

Eid is a Day of Peace : When a Muslim establishes peace within his heart by obeying the Law of God and leading a disciplinary life, he has certainly concluded a most invioble treaty of peace with God.

Eid in different countries
Depending on the culture of different places, Eid is celebrated in different shades of mood. For example across the globe, Muslims now in USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Arab countries, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh celebrate it with their own style. read here about it.

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