Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You shall know the truth ... know about 9/11 with evidences and facts

i hope the media bombardment of 9/11 has lessened by now. my respect goes to all the victims who gave their life for the tragic event of sept 9/11. i also remember and pay my respect to all the people (including innocent children, women and old) who died as a direct consequence of tragic 9/11- in Afghanistan, in Iraq and elsewhere. and also i pay my respect to the soldiers of America who died even not knowing why they are fighting in a desert with false evidences of WMD or just to suck out oil from the desert. we are so often blinded by the majority rules! so better keep away from those biased views for a moment and take a fresh look about 9/11 events ... once again:

1. War and Globalization: the Truth behind 9/11
It is a presentation (click to view) to the The People's Summit, Calgary, 2002 - by Michel Chossudovsky who is a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa. The video presentation gives the relationship between war and the free market reforms. You willl come to know how the war on terrorism is a fabrication, which serves to support of war of conquest. Osama bin Laden is a creation of US intelligence. Also analyses brilliantly the intelligence ploy behind September 11.

2. Who has the facts?
Kevin Barrett who is a lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison - his interview may be another eye-opener. He has studied on this topic for more than 2 years and has plenty of scholarly evidences that 9/11 was an inside job.

Here is another of his rare interview on a mainstream media like Fox News. (must see)

3. Here goes the Evidences
Of all the 9/11 videos this is probably the strongest. Not only does it keep you interested, but it also provides some solid facts from government documents, news articles from CBS News, Fox, Newsweek, and more.

The best part in this video is where they show that the Pentagon could not have been hit by a plane because of A, B, C, and, D. Now even if one is not an expert in planes, missiles, or anything for that matter, but what they provide evidences, seems very credible to any neutral person. Of course none wants to believe that governments would do such things. Who would want to believe that their own government, who is supposed to protect you, would destroy you just to make more money?!

Unfortunately it happens. It happens everywhere. People do get framed. (text credit) (another must see) Here are the mind blowing evidences.

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