Friday, September 08, 2006

Man is the astrolabe of God

Man is the astrolabe of God; but it requires an astronomer to know the astrolabe. If a vegetable-seller or a greengrocer should possess the astrolabe, what benefit would he derive from it? With that astrolabe what would he know of the movements of the circling heavens and the stations of the planets, their influences, transits and so forth? But in the hands of the astronomer the astrolabe is of great benefit, for “He who knows himself knows his Lord.”

Just as this copper astrolabe is the mirror of the heaves, so the human being -- We have honored the Children of Adam - is the astrolabe of God. When God causes man to have knowledge of Him and to know Him and to be familiar with Him, through the astrolabe of his own being he beholds moment by moment and flash by flash the manifestation of God and His infinite beauty, and that beauty is never absent from his mirror.

Quote from Discourses of Rumi, translated by A. J. Arberry and published by Curzon Press (1975)

Source: 'Reflect on this' Blog. Special credit to sister SF.

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