Monday, September 25, 2006

Darvish, worn-out rosary & fragrance of God

With ceaseless remembrance
the rosary of the Darvish have worn out.

Fearing the only rosary
may tear with frequent turns,
the Darvish decides to repeat
with longer sacred formula.

with each turn of the rosary beads
the Darvish starts to recite:
the Secret Most Holy Name of God.

And lo!
The Darvish vanishes,
leaving behind the worn rosary,
that gives out the sweetest of sweet fragrance
of the Unknown: the fragrance of God.

© MysticSaint, Singapore
24 Sept, 2006

Dedicated to my Darvish friend & writer Irving Karchmar.

Note: In Islamic Esoteric Tradition there is a Secret Most Holy Name of God which is called Ism Azam (the Greatest Name). The secret name is never disclosed and the name holds the key to Divine Secrets. It is also known in the tradition that whoever prays by addressing with the Ism Azam, his or her prayers are granted immediately. Only to the elects & true friends of God this name is disclosed.

The term 'Darvish' is used to address mystics and lovers of God who turn away from the cravings of the material world and become ascetic for the sake of God, the Most Beloved.

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