Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who sees more?

few days back, i was walking in the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during a short trip there. i was observing people on my way to buy a return ticket. unexpectedly i came across a blind person walking with his wife presumably.

he had one of the most beautiful smile on his face. for a very short period of time i could gaze on his glowing face, beholding that smile which was out of this world. when i looked at his smiling face i was overwhelmed because i felt, he was seeing something which we so called 'not-blind' people don't see or can't see. the smile was full of bliss. no wordly person can smile like that and he was smiling simply while walking holding his wife's hand.

immediately the thought that strikes in my mind is "who really sees more?" is it us - 'the more blind people with functional eyes' or this blind person who sees even without his external eyes?

perhaps, it's not the blindness of our eyes that prevent us from seeing. it's the blindness of our heart, which is the main obstacle.

- Sadiq, Singapore Pin It Now!