Friday, August 11, 2006

Today i met a soul ...

Flames and Angels

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Today i met a soul,
whose light showered my path
even from the other side of the world.

Today my love of Self as One
became realized as a love of One
Oneness without boundary

Today i spoke with a soul,
the voice came rushing
right into my heart
and melted my whole existence.

Today a faraway stranger
rekindled my love for the knowledge
that nothing is neither near nor far
here nor there
just is.

one heart sang in tune with another.
who said, we are far?

The light of God
raining upon two souls
focusing their vision of Oneness into Reality

i know i have been given this blessed touch
to reunite with a close soul, i knew already
long back in some unknown lives.

'Just about to give up sharing my mysticism
for fear of being deemed MAD
in an outward looking world

so we unfolded our wings of love eternal
embracing to unite the two souls
and looked at the Glorious Light,
the Source from where all souls descend on.

And the 'who', 'what', 'where', and 'why' disappeared
into the ether
and all that was left was

© July 18, 2006, Bhakti Brophy and Sadiq Alam

The story behind this poem is very interesting (to me, atleast). This is a poem, me and my divinely mad friend Bhakti Brophy wrote together. It was written on 18th July, 2006 after we cross each other's path almost like a miracle (indeed everything is a miracle). First paragraph written by me, followed by Bhakti; and next again by me and so on.

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