Sunday, August 20, 2006

The shadow of emptiness

[ The Downward Spiral ]
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everyday you collect sands
on the shore of your life.
yet, they are not sands indeed,
they are the moments you are killing
all the time.

everyday the winds keep coming
and let you know this message:
at the end of the spiral stairs
there are no other friends
but the Grand Emptiness.

you wonder:
why people with so much void in their heart,
keep running their worldly shows,
being so blind in life?

so helplessly you keep staring
at the full-houses.
slowly the fanfare,
the laughter fades away.

amidst all of these:
thousand suns can never stop
this question that keep coming,
again and again:

'Who are you?
and where is your journey?
do you know for sure,
what’s your destiny?'

(c) Masha and Sadiq
a bangla collective/community blog platform from Bangladesh
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