Friday, August 18, 2006

A Muslim's Prayer

Allah, My Lord ! Hidden and Manifest, Creator Supreme and Fashioner Superb !

Thine is the world I know and Thine the worlds I know not. Thy Mercy envelops creation and Thy Light dispels gloom. Burden me not with what I cannot bear and forgive me when I err. My life is a waste: let me not squander Thy Bounty and lose hope in Thy Loving Beneficence. Unto Thee I flee and cry in anguish. Hold me close when my feet fail and lead me with the righteous to victory.

Why should I grieve and fear when Thou art nigh and why should I complain against Thy decrees when I know not what Thou hast prepared for me?

Ignorant as I am, I know not the joy that may lie hidden in sorrow and the sorrow that may lurk in joy.

I pray for those who have gone before me and beseech forgiveness for my parents, in whose loving care I grew.

Informed with wisdom let me grow in knowledge that comes of Thee. Suffer me not to envy the pleasures that others have and to languish in grief at the loss of what I have. Guard me against pride and lust and make me not vain and hypocrite. Let not passion make me wild and let not power blind me to the transient state of all that life offers.

Blessed is he who has surrendered his all unto Thee and who has won his peace in Thy Pleasure. May my tears in constant remembrance of Thee sustain the heart and bring deliverance! Bless me with the fullness of life on earth and when the time comes make me return unto Thee united in the fellowship of Thy Loving ones, Lord! Grant me above all, I pray, the vision of Thy Countenance that Thou hast promised for those who are Thine.

:: Dr. Syed Vahiduddin (1909-98)
Philosopher, India

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