Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Model of our universe and Mystical Paradoxes

Mystics always talk about paradoxes. Though at the surface, paradoxes contradict common sense and conflict with each other, but yet again the whole creation is created on paradoxical principles. There are examples of good and bad, light and darkness, day and night, belief and non-belief, matter and anti-matter.

Many people wonder, if God is good then, how come there is bad, illnesss, sufferings? Those who ask these questions, if they think a little bit deep enough they will find the answer in the working of human mind and how human intellect works. It is the contrast that enables our mind to grasp an idea. The absence of light make us understand both darkness and also the very light. When night comes only then a child know what is day.

Paradoxes are similar. Often they look totally opposing in nature, yet those conflicting pieces of truth collectively hold the complete picture of the Reality.

Interestingly as scientists are revealing more inner secrets of our universe, the cosmos; even more scientifically fascinating paradoxes are revealed. One of such scientifical paradoxes is
Einestein's General Theory of Relativity vs. Quantum Mechanics.

Take a look at this video titled The Elegant Universe and pls have patience till the video ends. you will see what it means by the very word 'paradox'. (here is another format of the video if the above link doesn't work). Take a close look at the real micro world which may really blow you away. You will realize and say to yourself, how amazing is the creation!
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