Thursday, August 03, 2006

Each remembrance is a prayer

The Sound Guy does Meditation
Originally uploaded by premasagar.
O my beloved friend,
Know now that each remembrance is a prayer.

Divine awaits,
awaits ever patiently
when you will again remember Her.

Know now, everytime you remember Her
She remembers you,
inside and outside of you.

Cause, its the Essence of the Divine
that encompasses everything,
and nothing emcompasses Her.

Behold! Each remembrance is a prayer.

So my friend, remember in silence,
in the inner cosmos of yours - inside.

Again come out to this world,
and remember in all your deeds
and in all your needs.

In your deeper consciousness -
with each remembrance,
let the Divine come to you
with Her tender Embrace.

Indeed, each remembrance
is a beautiful prayer.

So lets dedicate all true remembrance
to Her, only for Her.

(c) MysticSaint. August, 2006. Singapore
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