Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dharmapada and my apologies

The Dharmapada: Tribute to Buddha

Instead of a thousand words,
Better just one,
One that brings peace.
Instead of a thousand verses,
Better just one,
One that shows beauty.
Instead of a thousand songs,
Better just one,
One that spreads joy.

Beloved Friends,
May i take this opportunity to ask forgiveness to you all? i ask forgiveness to you all for posting so much things in this blog. i even posted those things which i even until today can not live upto, i am still a learner, a student on the path; Heaven be my witness that all my intention was to spread the truth and realizing the truth together. Pls consider the posts as sharing only, some food for thought - amidst this ever fleeting world.

i ask forgiveness because of reading this beautiful dharmapada (the lines of path) by Buddha which, after reflecting my heart on it made me shameful of my posts in this blog. So i ask forgiveness from you o my all beloved friends. will you not forgive me in the name of the Most Forgiving One?

So instead of so many things, my friend let us together just ask for one and be fulfilled beyond measures. its upto you to ask that one. and then forget the rest for a moment please. Pin It Now!