Thursday, August 17, 2006

The action of NO ACTION

Doing nothing is an important spiritual discipline over which we most of the time struggle. the mind never stops, but it needs to be still. "Be still and know God", says the Psalms. Yet this becoming still is one of the most challenging part for a person living in modern society. let alone "knowing God", the first step of becoming still is so so so hard.

All the time we are bombarded with this and that. ask people and you will increasingly find that nobody has any spare time when he or she can be still, or have time to do NOTHING. This doing 'nothing' is not derived from lazyness. A lazy person on the contrary, does more things, waste more energy. i am talking about consciously doing Nothing. you can translate this to meditation, sitting on the prayer rug with inner silence or just watching the night sky absorbing the grandness of creation. all serve the same purpose: to be still.

Zen masters knows the secret of nothingness and doing nothing. The Sufis will readily say that the silence and no-action is the highest mode of remembrance. from my personal experience i can tell i have a very scattered mind. it refuse to concentrate on one thing, thus hardly can focus energy. yet i feel from within i need to do that badly. so much energy is wasted each moment. God forgive me and bless us!

Living in modern days is a blessing yet a big challenge for those who values bigger things than just watching the desperate housewives, apprentice or another saturday night tv series. So, my friend try cultivating the practice - becoming still, the effort for No Action. struggle if needed, but its worth an effort. pls switch off that stupid tv, and look at the beautiful sky just outside.

As human being living in modern time we are collectively missing our stillness. let us not lose it completely!

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