Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Written words

Would you not agree that although it is true God is infinitely present in nature, that the written word, is also a gift from God that lets us to understand, and extrapolate knowledge of nature and God?

- Salma Mohiuddin
Editor, Inspire Magazine

Compiled from some thoughts sharing.

I agree. Nature being the open book to declare the glory and to manifest the infinite presence of the Divine, yet the written words inspired to mankind namely as Torah, Upanishad, Gita, Gospels, Quran all have its own share of the glory.

And because the written words are a wonderful blessing to mankind from God, if we look back into the traditions of how written words were respected ... in Jewish, Babylonian, Egyptian or even ancient societies, it was only the holy men, high priests who had the permission to read the wrtten words. It was a symobology to make us realize its sacredness (that is to say, its importance).

In the same manner, when the Last Testament to mankind, The Quran was inspired to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Prophet taught that before reading or even touching the Divinely inspired texts - one should baptize (purification ritual with water which symbolize purity) himself or herself (perform oblution or wudu in islamic terms). This shows the inner significance of how knowledge infused in written words are to be respected.
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