Sunday, July 09, 2006

weekly spiritual clicks around the web

>Introducing you to a beautiful Darvish Blog. This particular post about Wisdom and Adab from Quran is worth reading.

> Da Vinci Code : Cracking the code by Muslic Scholars, an interesting website comparing what the church teach and what was Jesus's real teaching with reference from Quran, the Final Testament.

> A Christian Perspective of Islamic Thought / Some thought provoking Christian Muslim Dialogue

> Toward the One: The Tao of the Sufi

> Few interesting books from Amazon

> Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls

> Sufistic Blog
> A site that contains Sufi Stories

> Sufi Circle website > Universal life church

> Manner of Life from Quranic Inspirations

> Find Religion

> Interesting story from a Rabbi of Makhachkala synagogue

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