Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stop killing the children in Lebanon

The war in Lebanon by the country of Israel has killed more children so far than armed men. America has given green signal to go on and bomb more, instead of asking for a cease-fire.

How more civilized do we need to be?
When the mission of spreading democracy be over?
How many more countries will be turned into Iraq, a country where everyday more than 100 civilians are killed on an average because some power hungry country needs cheap oil?

This lyric by roger walters reflect the emotion that a conscious citizen of this earth can feel at this hopeless moment. Israel, will you stop killing the innocent children?


The child lay
In the starlit night
Safe in the glow of his Donald Duck light
How strange to choose to take a life
How strange to choose to kill a child
Hoover, Blaupunkt, Nissan Jeep
Nike, Addidas, Lacoste and cheaper brands
Cadillac, Amtrak, gasoline, diesel
Our standard of living, could this be a reason
That we would choose to kill the child
That we would choose to kill the child


Allah, Jehovah, Buddah, Christ
Confucius and Kali and reds, beans and rice
Goujons of sole, ris de veau, ham hocks
Lox bagels and bones and commandments in stone
The Bible, Koran, Shinto, Islam
Prosciutto, risotto, falafel and ham
Is it dogma, doughnuts, ridicule faith
Fear of the dark, or shame or disgrace
That we would choose to kill the child
That we would choose to kill the child


It's cold in the desert
And the space is too big
The rope is too short
And the walls are too thick
I will show you no weakness
I will mock you in song
Berate and deride you
Belittle and chide you
Beat you with sticks
And bulldoze your home
You can watch my triumphant procession to Rome
Best seat in the house
Up there on the cross
Is it anger or envy, profit or loss
That we would choose to kill the child
That we would choose to kill the child

Take this child and hold him closely
Keep him safe from the holy reign of terror
Take this child hold him closely
Take this child to the moral high ground
Where he can look down on the bigots and bully boys
Slugging it out in the yard

Lyrics by Roger Waters


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