Monday, July 03, 2006

Quranic Inspiration : Turning towards the goal

In the name of the Loving One

And everyone has a direction to which he turns himself,

therefore hasten to do good works;
wherever you are,
God will bring you all together;

surely God has power over all things.

(The Quran 2: 148)

This is a very striking verse from the Final Testament (Tanakh being the Old Testament, next is the New Testament ... and Quran is the Final Testament, the Final Revelation given to mankind). The first sentence is really worth giving careful thoughts because it directs to something really great.

Our soul is really born with certain purpose, with certain tendency. This tendency leads us to our own direction and it is within our own self we have to realize. In the verse the mentioning that '... which he turns himself' is very interesting. It shows that it is us, and with our own realization we turn ourself to the very path.

That is why religion or anything, if we don't realize it within, we can not achieve much. We may be busy all our lives in ritualistic prayer, external religious duties; but without self realization the real progress is little.

The line 'therefore hasten to do good works' after 'everyone has a direction' is very significant as well. Its a sign that says, diversity of opinion in human being is not a problem, but rather a builtin characteristics of man. What is important is to do good, or in other word, to be a good human being. Thats what make our life fulfilled.

It is this attitute of 'hastening to good work' which counts. This is the most practical thing that all religion motivate people to do on earth so that the kingdom of God is perfected here.

'Every soul is born for a certain purpose, and the light of that purpose is kindled in his soul' says Sadi. Pin It Now!