Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kill the Innocent : a poem, a post in protest

Kill the innocent: They may be terrorists!

don't be vulnerable,
don't be generous,
don't be sympathetic,
don't be compassionate,

don't give a damn!
You may upset your narcissism.

And believe in:

- Leila Farjami


I hope by now you all have known about the international crisis that is going on in the middle east between Israel and Lebanon. I protest the killings of the innocent cilvilans by the Israel using disproportionate military power against the Lebanese common people. This touching piece was written addressing the Israelis and their policy of terror. shame on them!

The image is of an innocent children and civilian killed by israeli bombs. Ironically as says the last lines of the poem, we truly now live in a world where some people believe that War is the way for Peace and Ignorance is their strength. And sadly they are in control of power and decisions. The world is crying, so is crying the mother of this innocent child in the picture. Are we listening?

Know the reality
and see for yourself the extent of civilian damage - pls view this presentation from youtube. Are we losing all sense of respect for human lives?

To get an update on the situation you can check international media such as:

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