Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hear O Darvish !

Sema dance, Konya, Turkey
Originally uploaded by nasiriphotos.
Hear, O Darvish, the song of Love
the unending tale of the heart.

God whispers "Be!" and infinity
takes eternal flight.

Love commands the darkness to depart,
and the world to arise in light.

Mountains, seas and stars bear witness,
The east wind cries out on the wing.

La Illaha illa Allah.
O Sufi, the universe sings.

- Quoted from the book "Master of the Jinn" by Irving Karchmar.
One of the most fascinating book, full of hidden meanings that i ever read. I am currently reading it and would love to recommend you all who is a seeker and is interested in mysticism.

The term 'Darvish' is used to address mystics and lovers of God who turn away from the cravings of the material world and become ascetic for the sake of Beloved God. Also written as "Dervish".
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