Friday, July 28, 2006

Asking why Sufis are persecuted

Dear MAHARAJADHIRAJ posted this question based on the last post on Native Indian Mysticism and its connection with Sufi idea. Maharajadhiraj said:

"If the Sufi way is so natural and so beautiful why then does mainstream (Sunni-Wahabi) Islam discriminate against Sufis so much. And that discrimination seems to have spread to Shi'ite Iran (where many Sufi lineages began) and Iraq as well. And in their oneupmanship with the majority Sunnis the Shias have also started persecuting Sufis.

Not surprising, many Sufis since the Delhi Sultanate found refuge and following in India. Your views are valuable Sadiq but not many Muslims feel like you do..."

let me talk in general before going to specific details. I posted my thoughts previously on the issue of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), Majority rule doesn't apply for seeker.

The majority rule - 'because most accept certain view, so necessarily its true' - doesn't apply for seeker of truths. As Buddha puts beautifully, "don't follow the path, become the path" and "don't accept just because someone or some texts said so, but seek for yourself". Jesus Christ said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.” He also gave a blessed hint when he said "knock and the door (of truth) will be opened". Until we ourselves knock (seek), how can we expect the door of truth to open?

It has always been the case that questioning conventional wisdom brings out the truth. The most precious stones are always buried under earth and dirt.

Be it in science, technology or for prophetic missions everywhere the seekers had to come out of the box (questioning majority accepted views) and discovered, invented or got enlightened through divine wisdom.

Jesus Christ questioned his contemporary attitude of the priests about religion, Buddha questioned conventional understanding of human life, Prophet Muhammad went into great struggle by questioning everything of his time. In fact all of these healers of mankind defied what majority accepted already.

All the great scientific discoveries and invention was possible only because those enlightened personalities just simply didn't follow what convention says or what majority accepted already.

So my friend DON'T think that the majority is always correct. The law of majority is not necessarily true for the seekers. The truth is always veiled and there are struggles to penetrate into the truth.

The sufis are in any sense are not conventional people. They don't care about convention, dogmas. Yet they readily realize the truth in all religion. And if you see the history, it was the sufis who spread the message of Islam in indian subcontinent, in central asia, in south east asia etc. That is to say, Islam was spread in the majority of its follower by the sufis. And the message was spread with love and harmony, not with sword or force by any means (a gross mis-conception).

Sufis also understand the message of islam in much deeper level. Yet the mainstream (Sunni-Wahabi) Islam discriminate against Sufis. Sufis are systematically killed, tortured, droven away from their lands and countries. And it still happens across the globe, from central asia to indian sub-continent and even Saudi Arabia where sufis are systematically deined their right to talk and many of them are political prisoners. Why?

Because sufis often speak against injustice in the name of religion, they often speak against unjust rulers, they often speak against the unjust social practices. And u know the higher authorities of any oraganized religion never like their authorities undermined. they feel their monopoly over the religion is threatened when such fearless enlightened souls are around.

How an intolerant, exclusive ideology became islam's mainstream, thats a long history. Mostly a political history than anything else. if u need a clue, i can give that it started immediate after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace) and gained its control following the event of Karbala where many of the member of the blessed family member and bloodline of the Prophet were killed by some blood thirsty people. It was these people who changed the spirit of Islam, they used islam for their unjust political control and so forth. Its one of the biggest shame on world history.
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