Sunday, June 25, 2006

Matkub: It is written (2)

A friend of my commented in the post titled, "Maktub: It is written",

If choices are indeed allowed by the Almighty, then we can conclude that there is not one, but an infinite number of ‘futures’ (I am not sure if that is a valid expression) must coexist on the same plane. And then based on the choices ultimately made by individuals, one of these futures stay true while the others fade into oblivion (or something like that). Now I have two questions.

1. If choices exist and the Almighty do not get involved with free will of men in dictating the future then does it not contradict with the faith of Takdir?

2. Lets say even with the allowance of choices everything falls within Gods divine plan and Takdir is absolute, then what is the justification of judging men for their actions? They are only contributing in the divine plan which is moving towards one predefined future designed by God.

Let me give my 2 cents of thought here.

:: Interestingly, the idea of infinity is and always (most probably) be a concept of human being. We use infinity in mathematics, yet we can never comprehend what it really is. This gives a very good hint of our limited mind and its ability.

:: I think personally that choices exist and it certainly doesnt contradict with Takdir (Maktub, everything is writtten) concept. But why it looks apparently contradictory? I would say, we fail to realize what Takdir means. As i pointed out in the last post that whatever choice we take, that responsibility is ours and God doesn't need to interfere. Yet God, Who is even beyond Time Dimension, knows the future at the same time, the very future which is shaped by our own choice.

:: This idea of Divine Plan is something which is also miunderstood or at least shaped into limited ideas. For example, God is Most Merciful. His universal Mercy and Compassion is also a Divine Plan; because it is said by Prophet Muhammad that when God created the creation He wrote down, "My mercy prevails over my wrath". This could well be said as Divine Plan. So from my understanding, Divine Plan doesn't necessarily contradict with the judgement idea of men for their actions.

And God knows best. The concepts i used for the sake of argument r not to be taken literally. There is nothing comparable to the likeness of God.

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