Sunday, June 25, 2006

Maktub: It is written (3)

God can know everything and yet we can perfectly have choice and responsiblity. In the post titled, "Maktub: It is written", i gave an example of different component of time - past, present and future on the same plane - and God being above and outside time, can perfectly have knowledge of future, present and future at the same time.

This concept may bring another argument, like: the idea that based on different choices - there could be infinite numbers of future. Yes offcourse its possible and modern physicists have long predicted that there are possiblities of parallel universes where different realities run in parallel.

But my main idea behind this post is different. I would like to briefly talk about how infinite possibilities of future can also be possible and it doesn't violate the condition that God knows all.

Many people argue that man has free will or choice. But its not true. Man has limited choice. I can't just fly if i will. I can't appear in another place 1000 miles apart in 1 second. Likewise human being at one point of time has limited choice. I can for example now write this post or not write. Can drink tea or not drink. And each of such choices transform the 'now'.

In science, when we want to predict the result of certain outcome, we need to know about the conditons (scientist fill the gap with assumptions). The better we know about the conditions (assumptions), the better is the prediction or modelling. Again the more we know about the possibilties and their probability, the more accurately we can predict.

Say, we program a robot with artificial intelligence. The robot takes decision based on some logics and the programmer knows the exact logics. Since the programmer knows at which point, the robot takes what choice; the programmer can certainly predict the movement or next action of the robot. Now apparently it may seem (to those who doesn't know how the logic or alogorithm works) that based on choices the robot can have inifinite futures. But in reality its not.

Likewise, since man has limited choice, and the Master Programmer (God) knows the conditions very well, and knows all the possibilities (no matter how complex the actual combinations are to our limited brain), the Master Programmer at any point of time, accurately know the future. And just like a chess match, one move influence the next one, so knowing immediate future and next possibilities, the complete future can be known.

This is another way to explain the concept of Maktub (everything is written) and yet, man is responsible for transforming his 'now' into the future. But surely the actual mechanism is much more complex than this. That is why when we think about God and the creation, we are bound to say, Glory be to Him. How perfectly He has created this matrix !!

Then which of the appreciations of your Lord will ye deny?
The Quran (055.013)

God forgive my weak effort to understand. God knows best.

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