Thursday, June 01, 2006

The majority rule doesn't apply for the seekers of Truth

During my postings about the Jesus and the post crucifixion events many have raised their eye brows and questioned, 'if these facts such as Jesus didn't die on the cross are really true then why majority of the Christians and others didn't see it or accepted it before?'

The answer is two fold.

1. These truths were discovered time and time again. Early Christians knew them, until church suppressed many. Buddhist lama's in Tibbet still guard gospels that describe the events, scores of western scholars pointed the fact and did elaborate research on the matter. But they all were ignored in west where minds are conditioned too much against enabling it to penetrate what is the truth.

2. The majority rule - 'because most accept certain view, so necessarily its true' - doesn't apply for seeker of truths. As Buddha puts beautifully, "don't follow the path, become the path" and "don't accept just because someone or some texts said so, but seek for yourself". Jesus Christ said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.” He also gave a blessed hint when he said "knock and the door (of truth) will be opened". Until we ourselves knock (seek), how can we expect the door of truth to open?

It has always been the case that questioning conventional wisdom brings out the truth. The most precious stones are always buried under earth and dirt.

Be it in science, technology or for prophetic missions everywhere the seekers had to come out of the box (questioning majority accepted views) and discovered, invented or got enlightened through divine wisdom.

Jesus Christ questioned his contemporary attitude of the priests about religion, Buddha questioned conventional understanding of human life, Prophet Muhammad went into great struggle by questioning everything of his time. In fact all of these healers of mankind defied what majority accepted already.

All the great scientific discoveries and invention was possible only because those enlightened personalities just simply didn't follow what convention says or what majority accepted already.

So my friend DON'T think that the majority is always correct. The law of majority is not necessarily true for the seekers. The truth is always veiled and there are struggles to penetrate into the truth.

Please don't ask me 'why it's like that?' That is how Universe works. Perhaps one of the silly reasons is to create an excuse to reward the seekers of truth for their struggles to reach for the truth (bear in mind please, God rewards whom He wants beyond measure and He need no excuse. His is the Kingdom in Heaven (the unmanifested realm) and earth (the manifested realm).

I know nothing. I only realize that The Beloved Lord is Mysterious beyond imagination and Beloved love mysteries.

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