Saturday, May 27, 2006

Witness the biggest cover up : Seeking for more understanding

Is resurrection truly a coming back from death or is it just because of the fact that Jesus didn't die on the cross?

The proofs and evidences are in front of us for years and years. We failed to realize it because some people with authority interpreted as they wanted for us. At one time only priest had the right to read and write. They had the holy authority to read the holy scripture. So when they became corrupt, the whole system of organized religion was used and monopolized.

Now we can read the bible for ourself, can't we? You we also can check references to unearth evidences.

This is one of the most mindblowing fact about the divine life of Jesus that he didn't die on the cross. Believe me not? Before i put forward the proofs from the very same Bible that all christians and others read, lets see the history first.

To establish Jesus and to make him parallel to the pagan gods with splendid mythical stories with their names, the early church had to draw a picture of Jesus in a similar fashion so that the unsophisticated, illiterate minds of the general people can replace their pagan gods with Jesus. Even though Jesus was a humble human being (which in anyway doesn't change the fact that he was a Spirit from God, and Jesus was a blessed soul, a specially loved one by One and Only God), the church wanted monopoly with the religion. They had to use power at Council of Nicaea to suppress the truth, destroy and hide very important Gospels from true companions of Jesus, rewrite and reinterpret Jesus's divine message according to their wish.

You see a very sad but strong similie here. Jesus himself who all through his prophetic mission always stood against the priests (Pharisees), people who started trading religion for money, who turned Synagogues and Temples into market place ... after Christ left the mission ... it is the same kind of people came back into the picture again. Only difference is that they used Christ as a banner.

No doubt there was true saints, no doubt there was devoted believers of God and Jesus Christ, no doubt there were true people with true heart ... may God bless them all and raise them high in ranks in the heaven ... but to discover true message of Jesus in our time we have to look back at the histories, because they hold the facts.

Jesus was taken to crucifixion not because he loved people or he talked about Love neither because he talked about God; he was crucified BECAUSE he stood against some power hungry pharisees, high priests, the god-fathers of Jewish religion (Christ himself was a jewish, remember). You can see Christ's struggle against these so called religious people inside the New Testament, passage after passage. Time and time again you in New Testament you will find Jesus condeming such hypocrites, exposing their fraud behavior and publicly condeming their monopoly with religion.

These same kind of people (who came into organized power after about 300 years of Jesus's passing) used Christ himself to again monopolize the religion in his name. What a shame for us, what a shame for the humanity !!

Now once we understand what earlier christianity went through and the evolution, then we can prepare our mind to discover more truth and to find the true message of Jesus and to understsand his divine status as he wanted to know us.

Researchers and historians in growing numbers finding out that true followers of Christians were of very different nature. They were mystics, gnostics people who understood this world and its nature in a great depth and detail. They were mystics because their great master, Jesus himself was a true mystic in heart. What happened to those christians?

Who changed christianity in to a materialistic religion where you have to confess your sin to a priest rather than to God? Is it because only then people will turn to priest and give money to churches? Did Jesus prayed and confesed to priest in temple or to God?

Now some hints for you (check with New Testament, the older the better) to find seek whether Jesus died on the cross ...
0. First remove all the interpretation, biased understanding given by the church fathers. Clear out your mind and heart and then start reading. Remember its a journey to discover something grand. So do ask for blessings to God. Say, O Lord show me THINGS as they REALLY are. (amen).
1. Check the hints of time for which Christ was on the cross, (the total time Jesus was on the cross)
2. What words did Jesus speak with Mary Magdalene, who first saw him after his taken down from cross? These words are very important.
3. Ponder on the fact why Mary Magdalene didn't recognize Jesus, even though she was a constant companion. (forget what church interpret, think logically).
4. Why the event of rising to heaven of Jesus (even though claimed that seen by some) is given with so little detail? Isn't the even very grand and when ppl supposedly have seen this, doesn't it deserve some more details? Doesn't it end too abrupstly for a person's life story which deserved some more?
5. Cross check the even of crucifixion and the following events in four gospels and compare them carefully.

Think deep, think rationally. God willing, i will be posting some fascinating information about what happened at the crucifixtion. And you don't have to worry, because the evidences i put will be from the very New Testament we all have. You dont have to be a in a crisis of faith, knowing the truth doesn't bring crisis.

Knowing the truth makes one free, as said Jesus himself. Free of what? Free of bonding. And what does free of bonding mean? Its mean Nirvana, my friend. It means merging with grand consciousness with God.
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