Monday, May 22, 2006

Witness the biggest cover-up in human history: some clarification

This is the first post of our quest to search the truth that is infront of human race for almost 2000 years yet we were given a different version of the story, time and time again. To give different versions of the story, the effort started about 300 years after the passing of Jesus Christ. Systematically Gospels were destroyed or hidden, which were written by constant companions of Jesus who heard directly from him, who walked and lived with him.

To remove misunderstanding, let me first start with some clarification.

1) I'm not a religious scholar, neither a bible scholar, nor a islamic scholar. i am just trying to put the puzzles together. the rest you decide by the Grace of God.
2) The information i provide here are taken from life long research of numerous historians, bible scholars, theologians etc. i will try to give my references at the end.
3) To make things easy to read, i will post briefly. for details pls refer to the references.
4) I will try to take a secular view, and will treat the religious scriptures as historical books to avoid biasedness of faith. i think thats give a more intellectual and scientific approach.
5) Pls put forward your points, questions in the comment section ... definitely we will read them and seek answers to them

Since this is posted in a blog, i will try to keep each post brief. but later i will compile the whole thing and may produce an article which i can share later. now it will be mostly short posts with sufficient proofs from Bible, history and scientific points.

Remember Jesus was a teacher to humanity, sent for the whole of mankind. He doesn't belong only to this church or that church. Neither only for Christians. Jesus belongs to all regardless of faith and philosophy. Everybody has the right to know his true message, no matter what.

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