Monday, May 15, 2006

Sharing from my side, my thoughts

I recently got this comment in the blog by RA, "By far, 1 of the more interesting religious blogs I've stumbled across. ... I am unclear, however: are you buddhist, muslim, sufi, or do you decry most labels, & borrow what you need from other sources?

Be forewarned, however: I am a western infidel, as are my readers, & as such, we tend to be irreverant & sacrilegious. But you strike me as a polite fellow, which gives you high marks in my book."

Here are my thoughts which i wished to share with you all and RA as well.

Dear RA,
I take this opportunity to thank you for the comment. I personally believe that all the Prophets and Teachers, namely Abraham, David, Moses, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon all of them) were teachers for the humanity. It is us (the so called followers) who divided their teachings, interpreted them as we wished for, divided human race into sects and groups over the generations.

Jesus never said, "Make a new religion called Christianity." All he wanted was clear out the corruption in the name of religion and God, he was a reformer, a blessed teacher. Jesus was a jew, yet part of the jews rejected him, another part misundestood him so much that they called him God and created a new religion all together.

Buddha never asked for a new religion. He showed the path, called Dhamma. He was a hindu by born and in his philosophy as well. He was one of the greatest enlightened teacher of mankind who ever walked on this face of earth.

Muhammad from the very beginning never claimed a new religion. Islam is not a new religion. It is "the submission to the Divine Will" and it calls on to the primordal attitude of submission to the Supreme Soul. The term Muslim was used by Prophet Abraham, which means the person who submits to Divine. Thus Islam inherently accept all the Prophets and Messengers and Teachers of mankind as Holy Guides sent to mankind by the grace of God.

The Holy Scripture of Hinduism, Upanishads and Gita appreciate and pay homage to the same Supreme Soul which Jesus called "My God and your God". The very word Hindu means he who seek the Truth. Aren't we all then Hindu who aspire to know the Truth?

Aren't we all Muslims if we submit and say the same prayer with Jesus,
"Our Father, Which Art in Heaven,
Hallowed Be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come.
Thy Will Be Done in Earth, as it Is in Heaven."

Never in the history of human race we had this opportunity to share all the divine wisdom at the same time. Never we came to such close understanding of all the teachings of great teachers of mankind.

I personally feel this truth that all the religion speak the same. We only need to open our heart to receive the Divine Wisdom that is inside all the message of all time.

That is my inspiration.

And to answer the question, who am i? Am i a muslim, buddhist, hindu, christian or sufi?

Well i was born in a muslim family and being the last divine religion, i follow Islam. All religion has many purposes, and one of those purposes is to help one understand the truth and make one disciplined. i try to follow Islam because it helps me in my path or dhamma.

Yet, i can also say I am a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Jewish, a Taoist and a Sufi (or a Mystic if you like). This is my explanation why i can say that. I posted this long time back.

And you used the term "western infidel". My friend thats a political term created by some fanatics who doesn't undestand a single word what it means to be religious. If they don't respect the children of God (the whole creation, every single human being and every single life on earth), then does God need them or does He listen to their prayers? a big NO, because God is independent of His creation.

Thanking you,
(Only a seeker)
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