Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Secrets of Mansur al Hallaj and Reality

Separation is for the realization.

Realization to the true way of love.
The love that wants nothing,
The love that needs none,
Not even the beloved.

Because in such a state of reality
lover and beloved is not two,
Separate? Never!
but two becomes one.
Together, ever!

Behold! that is the secret of sufi
Mansur al Hallaj's saying,
'Anal Haqq',
Lo! A true lover in total submission and annihilation.
Merged in Divine Love of the ultimate Beloved.

© Sadiq M Alam
for http://mysticsaint.blogspot.com

Mansur Al Hallaj (c. 858 - March 26, 922) is one of the most celebrated yet misunderstood mystic that mankind ever had. He was and is celebrated by all true mystics and lovers of God, who understood what he meant exactly, while people of blind faith totally misunderstood because of the blindness in their hearts.

Mansur al Hallaj, May Allah sanctify his soul, was crucified for his saying, "Anal Haqq", (Haqq being the name of Allah, literally haqq in arabic means reality, truth) in a state of Fana or Final state of Nirvana.

Those theologian who sentenced him to death (initially they all refused to even judge on him) on the charge of herecy even accepted that Mansur was right from the knowledge of Hidden (ilmul Ghayeb) perspective. But he spoke something which was not meant to be spoken in public, the collective consciousness of human race was not yet ready for it.

He spoke something in which lies greatest secret of the cosmos. The secret that was once open to mankind through Upanishd, Gita but made apparently hidden in the middle, but again will made manifest in final days.

Hints was always there hidden in Prophet Muhammad's mystical saying that,
"He who know himself, knows Allah."

Also, "God says, man is my secret and I am his secret."

Jesus said, "Behold, the kingdom of God is within you"

Perhaps the secret can also be found if we see why God often speaks in terms of 'We' in Quran, not 'I'.

Also we find in Quran, And be ye not like those who forgot God; and He made them forget their own souls! (The Quran, 59:19)

No more can I speak. If you truly wants to realize the ocean of wisdom of what I just mentioned, I can teach one beautiful prayer of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad "O Lord, show me 'things' as they really are."

I pray with you all so that The One show us things as they really are. No other prayer you will ever need to seek and realize the truths and The Ultimate Truth (Al Haqq).

May Allah bless Muhammad and his holy households, and May Allah send millions of saalams upon him and them.

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