Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code ... lets share our ideas

Last night The Da Vinci Code Movie was released here in Singapore and i went to watch it. Its was one of my most favorite book of all time. i honestly feel that Jesus (peace be upon him) as potrayed by the church is not the true image of this great personality. thus the study of his mysterious life is one of my most favorite research subject. and i should say that the movie was well made.

Interestingly few of the historical facts that Da Vinci Code puts forward today, was already spoken almost 1400 years ago by the successor of Jesus, Prophet Muhammad. In Islam it is the intergral part of the faith that Jesus was NOT God, but he was a mortal man and a mighty Prophet of God - just like an any other messenger. When you watch the movie, do observe carefully about the facts that how the status of Jesus was debated and changed over the history by some men who wanted monopoly over a religion.

Before you watch the movie, its recommended that you read the book. cause some of the aspects of the historical facts were soften to please the church. Don't just brush aside the idea that its a fiction novel. There are a lot of things (including this teachings) about Jesus that are altered over the ages, and interestingly those truths still can be discovered from the very Bible itself.

I would like to hear more about your thoughts about this movie and the message that it potrays. Pls do share your views. God willing we will have some interesting things to discuss in the coming days.

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