Monday, May 22, 2006

Coming soon: Jesus Actually

The truth and evidences are right infront of our eyes. They are still in the canonical Gospels, they were told in The Quran, revealed 1400 years ago.

The truth about Religion doesn't have to be fairytales and magics ... they can perfectly be rational, intellectual, scientific and no-nonsense.

Lets discover Jesus, one of the greatest person who ever walked on earth from the history, evidences and rational mind. You don't have to abandon the Divine to understand what is truth. Because God is truth.

Those who got started thinking after reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code or the movie ... or those who are really asking what really happened to Jesus? Is his second coming necessarily have to be like that magical as interpreted? Does faith always need to be presented with magics? Can't faith be intellectual based?

For all of you, lets discover Jesus together, lets discover one of the greatest coverup in human history ... its coming soon ... here.

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