Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thought on total amount of happiness and sufferings

This is a very old thought of mine. It just appeared once again tonight. i could be totally wrong in this issue. thats why i would like to get input from you as well.

I just had a feeling that the amount of happiness and the amount of sufferings in each person's life in the whole world is exactly the same ... just as in the laws of Physics the amount of energy in the universe is always the same or constant...

sometime one person is given very intense suffering for a short time, and another person is given long term suffering with less intensity. And the thought reappeared when i see how some people are so master of making themselves sufferer. They suffer in longer time, but their cause of suffering is for so little, unimportant things. You will see them go on suffering from chronic worries etc. over such mundane things.

Yet again u will find people who has immense suffering at one point of time, for short duration. and they live a very happy life, worries don't touch them much.

So from these observations, it just came to me; that perhaps (and only perhaps*) the amount of sufferings and happiness in each of our lives are same. They are just spread over different period of time with different intensity.

* God knows the best. He loves to keep many mysteries of the universe to Him only. Pin It Now!