Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Purpose of Problem

In one of the interview, Sufi Master of current age Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee was asked about the purpose of problems in human life. He answered really beautifully. Let me quote it here,

The question: You mentioned that the path of the silent Sufis is a very psychological path. And on the audio series you give an interesting talk on "The Purpose of Problems." From the viewpoint of the Sufi, what is the purpose of our problems?

And then Llewellyn answers:
The Sufi says we are here in this world to learn something. We attract our problems to ourself in order to learn something from them. One difference, if you like, between the individual who is on a spiritual journey as opposed to the person who is not, is the willingness to encounter a problem and ask: Why did I attract this? What does it have to teach me?

Most human beings only learn through suffering. If you are having a good time you just enjoy yourself. But if you are suffering, then you engage with life in a different way, deeply and acutely. This can be an opportunity to go beneath the surface of your life and really learn something about yourself. So if you are suffering, and seek to discover the inner purpose of your problems, you are no longer the victim of misfortune. You realize that you are here to learn. And while many people see their life in the terms of success or failure, outer success or failure in particular , the mystic, the wayfarer, knows that much deeper issues are at stake than what is on the surface. And often failure can teach us more about ourself than success.

You can read the complete interview at golden sufi site.
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