Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meditation is ...

Meditation is not concentration it is relaxation into oneself, awareness.

Accept thoughts, no denial, no tension, no rejection, o struggle, and no conflict.

Meditation is not introspection. Introspection is thinking about yourself.

Introspection is analysing, judging, and rationalising a situation (reaction) not the self.

Meditation is simply awareness of yourself (remembrance).

Awareness of a reaction (ex. anger) before it materialises will dissipate the reaction.

Meditation is not an experience, it is a realisation, it is a stopping of all experiences.

Experience is something outside of you. The experiencer is your being. False spirituality is concerned about the experience. Experiences continually change the experiencer is changeless (real).

Awareness cannot exist with duality, and mind cannot exist without duality.

The mind wants to be somewhere else, something else, to become. The mind does not allow being.

The mind is becoming and the soul is being.

Time exists only with becoming (desiring). Future exists because you desire.

Mind cannot stop out of effort. Mind stops out of understanding, awareness. Watch and understand the cause of these thoughts. Through looking deeply into those causes those causes disappear, then mind slows down.

Witnessing is the beginning of meditation, and no-mind is the completion. Witnessing is the method to reach no-mind.

Witnessing is in your hands, but no-mind is beyond your control.

No-mind means that the higher self is in control of the mind. Mind is a medium for external communication that is used when needed.

No-mind is enlightenment, is liberation, is freedom from all bondage, is the experience of immortality, is the Higher self.

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