Saturday, April 15, 2006

Here and Now

There is a time the most perfect for you,

Know that,
the most perfect time is exactly now.

There is a place the most perfect for you.
In a space between two breath where you can find
the most intense blissfulness of heaven.

Know that place is here, where you are now.

There is a moment,
in a split second you can be touched by the Divine;
All your emotions can be shattered in a moment of Divine Embrace.

Realize the Divine within and rediscover in such a moment.

Know that moment is now.

So my friend, will you stop your vain searching for something else,
for some other place or some other time?

Embrace your here and your now.
And wait for the reciprocal embracing of the Divine
in a sweet surrender.

© MysticSaint.
Singapore. April, 2006
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