Thursday, April 06, 2006

Divine Love has no code or doctrine

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Inside the Kaaba,

It doesn’t matter which direction you point your prayer rug!

The love-religion has no code or doctrine.

Only God.

- Rumi

Note: All muslims of the world face to the direction of Kaba (or Kaaba), the sacred house in Mecca when they pray. Its a symbolic way to unite the mankind to One God. This house is the first house made by Adam and then rebuild by Abraham to celebrate and sing the praise of One God.

By pointing out the fact that inside Kaba there is no sense of direction, Rumi shows the universality of the Divine Love and Humanity. When it comes to the Divine love, all codes and religious doctrines vanishe.

As says Sufi Inyat Khan, "There is no difference in the destination,
the only difference is in the journey."
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