Thursday, April 27, 2006

Affection between faithfuls hearts

"And He has put affection between the believers hearts; Not if you had spent all that is in the earth could you have produced that affection, but Allah has done it, for He is Exalted in might, and wise." (The Qur'an 8:63)

Also from the book, The Kashful Mahjub "Unveiling the Veiled", translation by Maulana Wahid, Bakhsh Rabbani;

The Holy Prophet (sws) has said, 'There are such servants of Allah who are envied even by the prophets and martrys'.

When the companions asked who they were so that they might love them, he replied that, "They love one another purely for God's sake and without any consideration for material gains ... they will be without fear and grief.'

Then he recited the verse,
"Beware the Friends of Allah are such that they need not fear nor grieve."
(The Qur'an 10:63)

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