Friday, April 21, 2006


walk the ganga
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Abruptly we come to this world,
abruptly again we depart.

You didn't decide your coming here,
your soul was made ready to come
long before you had any consciousness,
sense or a face.

Your departure is already scheduled,
cause the Soul of the Universe knows
you future and past.
Know that:
The Soul of the Universe is beyond time.

So ask yourself if its ready for the abrupt call?
Ask if its ready to return back home?

Are you preparing for a light travel or already burdened yourself with all the junks along the way?

O my friend! shed, shed all that is unnecessary.

Throw away all, cause they don't belong to you.
Even your soul don't belong to you,
but to the Supreme Soul of the Cosmos.
It was a gift given to you to keep.
How sad, we all forgot that?

So, lets bring back that consciouness,
and prepare for the inevitable abrupt journey back home.

(c) MysticSaint
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