Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wisdom from Talmud

Before you ask God for what you want, first thank God for what you have.

- Talmud, B'rachot 30b

And do you think after you thank God enough for what you have, you will have enough time to ask for anything? Just ponder how much each of us is gifted, each moments.

And even if you manage time, know that He always fulfill your wants that is good for you. How often we want something which is not good for us!

And what does that summerize? It summerizes, you never need to ask your wants in prayer, all you have to do is remember His grace, thank Him for what He gave. That would be enough. That is why in the Final Testament, The Holy Quran: Rememberance of God is mentioned as the greatest virtue.

Then you might ask, why we need prayer? Why people are encouraged to ask in prayers? Well, prayer has another purpose or another dimension all together. I will post about it next.
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