Thursday, March 23, 2006

What is perfection?

Recently one of my visitor to the blog asked this question in the comment section:

Every moment can be a clean create ourself. In terms of biology and evolution...everything is a mutant. So if everything is a mutant....what is perfection?

This is what i can answer from my limited understanding, pls forgive me for doing it very fast and short. If possible and more thoughts come to me i will addup to it later. But for the moment here is my inspiration on this:

The very fact that everything is changing is a sign that we all strive for perfection, knowingly or unknowingly.

But bear in mind that its God who is the Perfection and only He alone is The Perfect One.

The Perfect is just another glorious name of the One. The Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught 99 great attributal names of God and one of it is Mutakabbir, meaning The Perfection of Greatness.

Since we are created in His own Image, so it is inherent in us that we strive for perfection. The very idea of perfection attracts us. Thats why we love beauty, thats why anything that is more perfect attract us more. We evolve to take us near to the God Ideal of prection in every aspect.

So to answer your question, "what is perfection?" ... i would say, it is our inspiration that take us near to God Ideals, is the journey to perfection. The striving to be close to God's very image of perfection is the journey back home. Home from where we came and the home where we all go back.

In the Final Testament, The Holy Quran we have this beautiful verse: Inna nillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun (the arabic pronounciation) , which (closely) means: Indeed we are from God and unto Him is the return.

+ Journeying Towards Perfection - mysticsaint poetry

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