Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today is the Independence Day of Bangladesh

Today is my native country, Bangladesh's independent day. Its a small country (slightly smaller than Iowa) but with a great volume of population. Infact Bangladesh (pronounced as baang-la-desh), is the 8th largest population in the world.

Bangladesh is located just beside India. We also share border with Myanmar or Burma. We were part of Pakistan before 1971 as Indian Subcontinent was divided by the British into India and Pakistain in 1947. The people of Bangladesh are very open, secular minded and not ultra-orthodoxly religious. As part of Pakistan we never had our proper rights acknowledged which eventually led to struggle for independence. After 9 months of bloody fighting, losing a huge population in the war against Pakistani army in 1971; the People's republic of Bangladesh achieved it's independence.

Because of huge burden of population the country is still a developing country. But the huge potential is there and its located at the cross road of South and East Asia. The people of the land are friendly, every happy. Cultural and religious harmony among diverse people is something Bangladesh is proud of.

Join us with the celebration of the birth of a brave nation who fought their independence with blood.

26th March of 1971 is the glorious day of declarance of Independence of Bangladesh.

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