Saturday, March 18, 2006

Some links on Sufism

Here are some good links i just discovered over the net. Putting it up here for future references.

:: An Introduction to Sufism : An article on Sufism, which includes information on its origin, orders, rituals, teachings, literature, arts and contemporary Sufism.

:: Sufism Sufis Sufi Orders : Contains information on the philosophy and religion of Sufism, its relationship with Islam and the West, together with information on Sufi masters and their orders.

:: Sufi Resources : Provides links to Sufi related information on the net.

:: Info : Furnishes a list of links on Sufism on the internet.

:: Sufism : Provides information on the history, literature, practices, theosophy and significances of Sufism.

:: Alokdhara : This is an online journal on Sufi studies with a multi-disciplinary approach.

:: The Gnosis Archive : Presents an outline of the philosophy, stages, sources, history, orders and methods of Sufism.

:: Sufi Psychology Association : Contains links to journals, conferences, information and membership applications.

:: Islam, Sufism and the Tradition of Chisti Qadhiri : Provides an introduction to Sufism, its relationship with Islam and the Holy Quran, together with information on Sufi art and Sufi concepts.

:: Rumi : Provides information on the life, works, poetry and discourses of this great Sufi master. About Jalaluddin Rumi : Contains a brief biography of Rumi, together with links to quotations from his works. Also, Rumi furnishes information about his life, translations of his works, poetry, a Rumi picture gallery and an egreetings section.

:: Amir Khusro Website : Provides links to the lyrics, songs, poetry and legends of this Indian Sufi poet.

:: Rumi's Mathnavi

:: Life Positive Sufism page Pin It Now!