Thursday, March 16, 2006

Religion and Thoughts

Interestingly the limited ideas of religion that we have created were never the ideas by the messengers and enlightened persons who brought the 'quintessential essence' to the mankind. The term religion is created out of sectarian zeal, divisional tendency.

Christ neither proclaimed any religion nor he asked to call it 'Christian religion'. All he wanted was purify the social system and hearts of people.

All Buddha talked was about was 'dharma', meaning 'path'. He would be extremely disappointed if he knew it was renamed to Buddhism. He even talked against idolatry whereas its his idol that is at the center of today's so called Buddhism.

Abraham never tried to invent something new. He rather derived the logical philosophical conclusion about the Creator from deeper observations of the Signs in creation. Yet the three great religions are derived from Abrahamic inspirations who fight among each others about religious values.

Prophet Muhammad never claimed a new religion. Rather he said it is the most natural condition (submission to Divine) with which every child is born with. He even said I came to teach good behavior and morality.

Guru Nanak who is thought to be the founder of so called sikhism tried to bring harmony among people of different faiths. He professed in the faith of One God. Yet people made it into a new religion all together.

And the list goes on for all enlightened personalities from all ages. So we really need to put behind the blinding ideas about religion and better grasp the very 'quintessential essence' of the teaching and ideals.

May peace and blessings be with all the enlightened ones (the messengers and prophets).

15 March 06 // Malaysia.
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