Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jesus actually

In one of my earlier post i'm having some discussion with my friend Matthew. It all started with Matthew asking this question about Jesus,

"I dont care what word Jesus used for God. the fact is that he said he was the SON of this god, hence his crucifiction. And if muslims pray to "the same God" then he must also be the father of Jesus but for a muslim to say such a thing is blasphemy.

This is as far as i know anyway, please let me know if i am wrong."

The original post is here. It's titled, What word did Jesus use to call God? You can check the discussion.

Its mostling hovering around the idea of Jesus's Divinity. Was he really 'the exclusive' son of God?

Infact such discussion between Muslim and Christian theologist has been held many times in the past. You can find such a discussion here as well.

The very idea of Trinity confused many modern christian thinkers who eventually left the church over this issue, finding no logical conclusion. May accepted Islam in the process of finding true message of Jesus (peace be upon him). I hope you can also discover 'Jesus actually'. Follow some of my links in the discussion. No doubt its a fascinating adventure.
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