Monday, March 20, 2006

An important question to ask

"WHAT did you DO last time for the FIRST time?"

This is a very important question we can ask ourselves time and time. Why this is important?

Because life is a dynamic process and its the purpose of our life that we evolve in every moment and move towards perfection. And we can only attain evolution when we go through positive changes. Positive changes follow positive actions.

End of the day, when we come to the end of this life, we may ask: did we live fully?

And to answer that before we reach our end we must ask this very question whenever we find opportunity, "WHAT did I DO last time for the FIRST time?"

By engaging into new adventure, by venturing into new things we enrich our lives. Thats why pls do ask yourself what did you do last time for the first time. If you can't find any, do consider something new. Something your soul wants but you are afraid to do. It could be very trivial like walking on your city on foot all night, it could be seeing the sunrise sitting on a mountain top or visiting a place of worship of an unknown religion or just to be alone the whole day in a solitude place like a park.

By doing something for the first time, you give back life an opportunity to breath freshness. And thus you enrich your soul. God willing, the rewards will surely come and you will see that for yourself.

Discover life, its too precious to let go without tasting it.
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