Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sufi Practices : On Murqaba

Murqaba (also written as Muraqaba) is a very important practice in Sufi Discipline. But what is muraqba?

Murqaba has vast meanings. But the most close is (self) observation or concentration. In another note, its sufi science of meditation.

It is famous among sufis that concentration (Fikr) is better than recitation (Zikr). This very concentration is called Muraqba (observation). The journey of observation (muraqba) begins from recognising our self.

As the Prophet has said:
"He who knows himself knows his lord."

Sufis believe that to collect the ocean of wandering thoughts in an earthen pot is muraqba. Three things are very important for the muraqba:

Imagination of God - that God is before you. He is watching;

He is awwal (first) & He is akhir (last), He is zahir (outward) & He is batin (inward);

Every thing is Fani (mortal) except God. He is the only One whose name will remain.

In short, whithersoever you turn, there is the Face of God.
(Quran 2:115)
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