Friday, February 24, 2006

Pain of separation from a single soul

Often an unknown shadow of sadness covers me, which i guess happen to all human beings. This shadow of sadness has no explanation of its source or cause.

Sometime we ignore it, we try to veil it under some other distraction. But when we are in solitude we can feel it in true sense.

I was having that experience yesterday. And I was asking, my Lord why it has to be like that?

Why we have to feel this agony?
Why at one point of our life we long for another soul?

Why our soul has to go through this? Is it because You divided Adam into Eve and only in unison they find peace?

Then today i found my answer in The Quran. In Quran, the Final Testament for mankind - God says, "It is God Who created you (man) from a single soul, and made his mate (woman) of like nature, in order that he might find peace with her in love." (The Quran 007.189)

So indeed it is our soul divided between man and woman. And this separation causes the pain and sense of sadness ... thus the eternal Adam in us always long for the eternal Eve perhaps.

:: Reference: USC-MSC Compendium of Muslim Texts. You can search any keyword (for example, soul) from Quran here.
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