Thursday, February 23, 2006

How does the inspirations come?

If you wish that inspirations come to you, no matter what kind of inspirations … it could be purely spiritual, purely materialistic business inspirations or ideas or a scientific one … first you have to go through some preparation phase.

In Sufi terminology we may call it, preparing the heart or opening of heart.

And how does that happen?

That happen by gathering knowledge. Through accumulation of knowledge at the heart, you prepare it to be receptive for wisdom. Wisdom is not something which you can learn from the pages of the book. Wisdom doesn’t come to your head. They rise from your heart. And to discover wisdom, you have to seek knowledge first.

For science you have to read other body of knowledge, what others have done in terms of scientific research.

For spirituality you have to learn about other inspired souls, what they have felt and how their emotions evolved over the time.

Once you accumulate those knowledge in you, that create a whole new dynamics inside yourself. As the Sufis have often said, this matter cannot be studied from the outside, it can only be discovered from within. To go through that discovering process, you prepare your inside through the touch of knowledge that lit the light inside.

And then you open up the channels through which inspirations pour in, once your own soul is ready for it. Pin It Now!