Tuesday, February 14, 2006


lookin for blue skies
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When you are feeling unfocused and scattered, you've taken your eyes off the goal - thats the end result. Lately thats happenning to me a lot. I'm lost for my concentration and focus.

Recently i got this email from a certain site where i'm subscribed. so i wanted to share this with you.

"To act with focus, take a break and do some holographic creation. Visualize in great detail exactly what you want and imagine having it right now.

When you have in mind the purpose and end result you want, you will resume your activities with amazing focus!"

And i would like to add, even before you start, put your trust to the Beloved, to the Highest Consciousness of the Cosmos. Say, "In the name of the One Who beholds the Cosmic Consciousness" and ask His guidence. Begin with the acknowldgement that "There is no transformation (power and might) except through Him". (in arabic the chant is, 'La haola wa la kuwata illah billah')

With His Divine Will let us have a pure and quiescent focus.

Credit: http://icreatereality.com
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